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1.KNPC Museum Design

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is leading in the world of oil refinery. For its headquarters in Kuwait, a new VIP entrance/museum/or interactive information centre is envisioned. A central area in the existing building has been allocated for this purpose.

The new VIP area will be decorated with objects & ideas to understand & interpret the past, present and explore the future of KNPC business. The design tender document consisted a design concept with a floorplan, flow of visitors, detailed objects, smart technology, the budget and planning.

2.KNPC Distillation Tower

Prototec has been creating a functional desalination tower. The tower shows the audience the process of distillation of KNPC’s crude oil as it’s the core business. The model shows a unique process and is equipped with movements, hardware and software … etc. In this way it reflects and exhibits the outcome of this process and the use of those products in our daily life.

3.Wireless Power Cable Insulation Tester

The Wireless Insulation Tester is an innovative device that has been developed theoretically, based on the problems that have occurred in real life while processing the ESP into the subsurface of the oil fields in Kuwait. The device will help to shorten the time consumed for the process of installing the ESP deeply in the reservoir by using technological devices, integrated with the normal insulation tester to provide best services in the Kuwait Oil Fields.

4.PET Recycler Project

The PET recycler & filament maker is a relatively small home or office recycling machine in which empty PET bottles can be inserted that will subsequently be converted into a filament. This PET filament can be fed into a 3D printer to create new plastic parts with it.

The device contains two main mechanisms. The first one is a shredder to make granulates from the PET bottles and the second is an extruder (which heats up the plastic to its melting temperature and pushes it through a nozzle).

By extruding, the PET material will alter into filament (a continuous wire with a certain diameter). The device will then pull the wire out, cool down and wind it onto a spool which can directly be used in a commercially available 3D printer.

5.Eastern United Petroleum Services Trophy

Eastern United would like to design a unique trophy as a gift to one of the chairman of “K” companies in order to share the experience & history of Eastern United in a creative and innovative way. Prototec designed and implemented a cross section cube of sub-surface layers showing the geological sections using natural material (rocks & sand), positioning the oil reservoir in the bottom of the cross section cube, drilled hole from the earth surface into the oil reservoir, 3D print the wireline truck and scale it from its real size up to 1/50 along with the Crane, design and implement the atmosphere of the BG-1 to the surface of the cube.

6.Ketchup Dispenser

The Ketchup Dispenser is a final year project for mechanical engineer students. The device will help end users to automatically dispense the ketchup from the sachets without any human involved.

7.Ministry of Defence Hologram Project

The MOD has asked Prototec to design & manufacture a unique Hologram Table which creates real life images of airplanes crossing Kuwait’s Sky in a creative and innovative way.

8.ACK Consultation

Australian Collage of Kuwait has signed a Business and Development Consultation Contract with Prototec. We advise them in how to develop Education Services and how to establish a commercialization plan for the Final Year Student Project in collaboration with the Engineering Faculty.

9.AL-Sabah IT Award

AL-Sabah IT Award assigned Prototec to design the 5th exhibition which will be located in the Regency Hotel Kuwait in Dec. 2015. The design has been developed in cooperation with DeLite Co.

10. Dukhoon V1 & Dukhoon V2

The Dukhoon is a stylish and high-quality portable Bukhoor burner. Bukhoor chips are placed inside a ceramic chamber and heated by a heating element that heats up to the same temperature as charcoal.

Because the heating element does not use a flame, the bukhoor smoke keeps it original high-quality scent. Making the Dukhoon faster and easier to use than the traditional methods, while keeping the traditional high-quality smoke of bukhoo

11.Travel Multi Bottle

RACKS, which is a modular system that makes it possible to carry several liquids in small quantities whilst travelling, (shampoo, soap, moisturizer, lotions, medications etc.). This is done by attaching several smaller liquid containers to each other, creating one product that resembles a bottle. This container snaps together with magnets

Due to its modular approach users can create their own RACKS varying in overall size and types of liquid to transport. This is help users save space in their luggage and will provide convenience in handling

12.Pan Washer

Ms. Fatima Al-Shehri from Saudi Arabia has an idea to improve the traditional casserole that is used for cooking meat. The new design should make it easier to be cleaned immediately after use when it’s still hot A design agency from the USA has worked on a design, but the outcome is not satisfactory.

Before spending more budget in design, PROTOTEC has performed a feasibility study to explore the technical feasibility, investment, and . unit price, and proposed several alternatives for further cooperation

13.Dukhoon Go Bottles

Dukhoon bottle, which is a modular system that makes it possible to carry several liquids in small quantities whilst travelling, (Oud Oil, Perfume, and a storage container for bukhoor pieces). This is done by attaching several smaller containers to each other, creating one product that resembles a bottle. This container snaps together with magnets

14.Pets Hair Dryer

Mr. Sabeeh Bebehani/ Mr. Fawzi is the inventor of the Automatic Hair Dryer with patent US 7,356,943 B2. The main point of this invention is the addition of a humidity sensor. This sensor senses the dryness of the hair and activates and deactivates the heater in the hair dryer accordingly. Although this hair drying system is suitable for pets and people, the first product will be developed for pets


Flossing has never been more convenient, efficient, or as effective since the introduction of the VESS dental floss. With its powerful and easy-to-replace floss heads, the stylish and ergonomic electric dental flosser helps remove .stubborn plaque and reduces the build-up of harmful bacteria

16.AQ Power

AQ Power is a brand for wall sockets and light switches that have . built in guide lights that light up when a motion sensor is triggered PROTOTEC developed a socket with the same functionality, but with a universal socket .and 2 USB ports for its client The development (construction design, mold making, certifications) is done by the PROTOTEC as well as the process of Developing the sockets and bringing it to mass production
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