Making Research & Product developments possible in MENA region with our high skills and well educated professionals.
To be a Research and Development (R&D) Department for any kind of business development activity. Since the product development in the gulf region is up and coming, all of the region is aware that natural resources won’t last forever.

The local economies need to focus on other sustainable activities. R&D is a direction that will provide a lot of possibilities,entrepreneurship, design-engineering, manufacturing, brand-development and marketing of locally initiated concepts with a global outreach.



For historic reasons product design studies in the MENA region are still very limited in its availability. The introduction of an internationally experienced network team with a local initiator as pivot point will create opportunities for all kinds of initiatives for innovation.

With its roots in all sectors of (product) development Prototec has the ability and structure to take on any size project.

Skilled designers within the network will come up with executable validations for a wide variety of innovations. This network of people who know how to work together and communicate locally and internationally is unique in the MENA region.

Time Frame

2000 – 2005
2000 – 2005
2000 – 2005
2000 – 2005


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